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Morgenland in Kyrgyzstan

Morgenland Festival in Almaty © Liudmila Jeremies
Morgenland Festival in Almaty © Liudmila Jeremies

Joint projects with the Morgenland Festival Osnabrück had already taken the Osnabrück Youth Choir to Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Turkey and the Lebanon.


Osnabrück Youth Choir
Clemens Breitschaft (Artistic director)
Manas Chamber Orchestra (Bishkek/Kirgizstan)
Bogna Bernagiewicz (Soprano)
Barbara Höfling (Mezzo-soprano)
Oliver Kringel (Tenor)
Arvid Fagerfjall (Baritone)
Naci Özgüc (Conductor)

In October the Osnabrück Youth Choir, together with the Manas Chamber Orchestra, performed Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Requiem in Bishkek – the first performance ever of the work in Kirgizstan. This was followed by an ‘a capella’ programme in the St. Nicolaus Cathedral in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

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