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Jelena Milušić & Merima Ključo: Lume


Location:Online Edition


Merima Ključo & Jelena Milušić © Marko Ercegović
Merima Ključo & Jelena Milušić © Marko Ercegović

On June 18, 7 pm you can find the concert by Merima Ključo & Jelena Milušić on our YouTube-Channel.

Online Edition from Sarajevo/Bosnia-Herzegovina

LUME is a project brought to us by two brilliant Bosnian musicians, Merima Ključo (concert accordion) and Jelena Milušić (voice). The enormous value of this conceptual work lies in the diverse cultural origins and languages of the repertoire we will hear - the love songs from different parts of the world combined with Ključo’s song cycle, based on Romanian, Croatian, Kosovan and Sephardic traditional pieces. In different languages, LUME has various meanings: world, life, source of light, illusion, fire, spark, lover, humanity, more than love..., but all these meanings point in the same doubtless direction: life is passion and love! The link connecting the songs together actually is the universal theme of love, in which the notion of Lume manifests itself in each of its manifold meanings.

The magnetic connection between these two musicians, Ključo and Milušić, takes us on a dreamlike journey through diverse worlds of strong, expressive and yet subtle music. Jelena's unique and rare, singularly versatile contralto complements brilliantly the notes of Merima's concert accordion. Jelena’s voice transforms from one song to the next in a truly chameleonic and fascinating way. Together on the stage Jelena and Merima, with just a voice and an accordion, build an atmosphere that is enchantingly theatrical: they completely wrap their audience in their wide-ranging performance that goes from grimly dramatic to fetchingly melancholic, only to dissolve into a cheerful, almost cabaret-like finale.

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