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Theodosii Spassov Folk Quintet




Theodosii Spassov Folk Quintet © Aleksandar Nishkov
Theodosii Spassov Folk Quintet © Aleksandar Nishkov


Theodosii Spassov, Kaval
Peyo Peev, Gadulka
Ivan Georgiev, Gaida
Petar Mlanov, Tambura
Genaddiy Rashkov, Tupan

Bulgaria is famous for its staggering, rugged rhythms, based on the irregular pulse measures, as well as for its unique microtonal harmonies. Once you have heard Bulgarian music it's in your blood forever. First part of the opening of the Morgenland Festival Osnabrück will be a concert of Mehdi Aminian & Friends. The Theodosii Spassov Folk Quintet will be the second part of the opening. Tickets are only available for both concerts together.

Hailed as the Bulgarian genius, Theodosii Spassov, has developed a completely new style of playing the Bulgarian kaval, a shepherd’s flute made of wood, one of the oldest instruments in Europe. While deeply rooted in the Bulgarian tradition, Spassov invented a new genre being the first to play jazz on kaval. He was also the pioneer in mixing the traditional folk music with elements of jazz and classical music in his own original pieces. Teodosii has toured the world over playing solo concerts as well as a soloist with the most prestigious world Ensembles and symphony orchestras.

Morgenland Festival presents The Theodosii Spassov Folk Quintet with Theodosii Spassov, kaval, voice; Peyo Peev, the unsurpassed virtuoso on gadulka (traditional Bulgarian three-stringed musical instrument played with a bow), Ivan Georgiev on gaida (Bulgarian bagpipe), highly praised as a musician with stunning technical mastery and a flair for engaging his audiences and taking them into realms of musical experience they had never imagined; Petar Mlanov on tambura (traditional Bulgarian eight or four-stringed musical instrument) and guitar, born and bred in the region of the Rhodope Mountains, a unique architectural and ethnographic reserve in Bulgaria, which taught Milanov to explore fusion among different instrumental techniques, while always staying true to his roots; and last but not least the indispensable percussion master, Genaddiy Rashkov on tupan (traditional Bulgarian double-headed bass drum).

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