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Closing party: DJ Weldmousa & AndAl



No Morgenland Festival without an exciting final Party!

This year we have two musicians for you:

a Jordanian DJ and music producer based in Berlin. In his Dj sets, Weldmousa takes the listener on a trip into the world dance beats from the Arab world such as Mahrajanat & Folk Mijwiz. Weldmousa also mixes Arab sounds with tunes and rhythms from the Mediterranean and Iran.

a Palestinian/Jordanian musician and producer who is deeply rooted in the musical traditions of the Levant. AndAL mixes folk tunes and melodies with electronic beats and rhythms Influenced by and popular in the Arab region. Through his music, AndAL takes the listeners on a journey into the world of Arabic melodies, delicate arrangements, and poignant dance music.

Tickets only available at box office.

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