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Golnar Shahyar & Atena Eshtiaghi




Eshtiaghi & Shahyar ©Tatsiana Tchakova

Golnar Shahyar & Atena Eshtiaghi

The second part of the evening is organised by two extraordinary Iranian composer-musicians: singer Golnar Shahyar and cellist Atena Eshtiaghi.

Golnar Shahyar was born in Tehran, moved to Canada as a young woman and later onto Vienna to study, where she still lives today. She writes music for her own ensembles, and performs in opera productions as well as in large jazz formations. Her performances are characterised by her phenomenal voice and extraordinary intensity of her stage presence.

Atena Eshtiaghi is also from Tehran, where she completed a classical music education. She has performed with orchestras as well as with Iranian music legends including Kayhan Kalhor and Mohammad Reza Shajarian. She also composes for theatre and film, through which she won the German Documentary Film Music Award at this year's DOK.fest Munich.

Golnar Shahyar - vocals, piano
Atena Eshtiaghi - violoncello

A combined ticket is available for this event.

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