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Marc Sinan: I Exist





Minhye Ko - Percussion
Vladimir Blagojević - Accordion
Raju Bhopi - Vocals
Papamir - Dholak
Dayam Khan Manganiyar - Harmonium, Vocals
Iva Bittová - Violin, Improvisation
Saša Mirković - Viola
Meinrad Kneer - Double bass
Marc Sinan - Composition, Guitar

In his project “I exist” the composer, guitarist and transcultural activist Marc Sinan embarked on a musical journey to the mythical origins of the Roma people in Rajasthan in northern Indian. Together with musicians and artists from Europe and India, he explored the origins described in age-old tales, crossing all stylistic and political boundaries with ease. For the avant-garde musician Iva Bittová and the artist duo Damian & Delaine Le Bas, the encounter with these roots also means recursion to a part of their origins. The journey into the unknown becomes a journey into their own existence. In a version specially developed for the Morgenland Festival, the singer Raju Bhopa and the musicians Papamir and Dayam Khan, together with Iva Bittová, bring Marc Sinan's piece back to the stage in an enchanting, multimedia concert.

Visit the Morgenland Festival YouTube channel.

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