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Mehdi Aminian - Timbres of Middle-East-Europe




Mehdi Aminian © Andreea Tanase
Mehdi Aminian © Andreea Tanase


Maria Cassandra Hausi- vocals (Rumania)
Hristina Beleva- Gadulka (Bulgaria)
Mehdi Aminian- Ney, Setar, vocals (Iran)
Feras Charestan- Kanun (Syria)
Emmanuel Hovhannisyan- Duduk (Armenia)
Helene Glüxam- Bass (Austria)
Nora Thiele- percussions (Germany)

The inaugural concert of the 16th Morgenland Festival LIVE: “Balkans Beyond Brass” will be a double treat of two very different, but also absolutely unique Ensembles.

The opening concert is scheduled to showcase the richness and diversity of just one of the many Balkan smaller regions: Maramures. A part of north Transylvania, Maramures borders Ukraine. Mehdi Aminian's Roots Revival Project consists of a series of projects within which musicians with different cultural backgrounds come together in an effort to bring different genres of acoustic music at a crossroad of contemporary experiments, influenced by new socio-cultural phenomena and ideas. This year, Roots Revival is putting together a project called “Timbres of Middle-East-Europe” in collaboration with Morgenland festival. The focus of the project is exploring the intersection between Music of Balkans and the Middle East. The whole concept of Roots Revival first started in 2013 at the initiative of the Iranian ney and setar player, Mehdi Aminian, the coordinator of all projects to date.

The selection of the musicians representing different cultural and musical backgrounds is subjected to intensive research. The musicians meet for the first time and have a defined period to develop together a given topic under the guidance of the curator, Mehdi Aminian. Roots Revival aims to provide a platform for young professional musicians with authentic musical heritage to exchange, experiment and live with others cultures hoping to highlight and emphasize our common roots as humans and essence of creation.

The concert continues with the Theodosii Spassov Folk Quintet. Bulgaria is famous for its staggering, rugged rhythms, based on the irregular pulse measures, as well as for its unique microtonal harmonies. Once you have heard Bulgarian music it´s in your blood forever.


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