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Epilogue: Morgenland in Film


Location:Lagerhalle Osnabrück


„Aşk, Mark ve Ölüm – Liebe, D-Mark und Tod“ © Film Faust Film Five

Epilogue: Morgenland in Film

Intro - Harir Shariatzadeh 

Harir Shariatzadeh was there at the inception of the Morgenland Festival in 2005. The singer, pianist and virtuoso Daf player, who will give a workshop on how to play the Persian frame drum the day before, will also perform a short solo program before the films are shown.


“Daf” (2004)

by Bahman Ghobadi

Length: 40 minutes

with English subtitles

This documentary tells the story of Faegh, who lives with his three wives and eleven children in the Kurdish plateau near the Iraqi border. Everyone helps together to make the traditional drum Daf. Four of the children are blind. When the drums are sold, the proceeds will be used to operate on the eyes of the youngest child. In this film, Bahman Ghobadi almost completely dispenses with the spoken word, allowing images and sounds to interact. The film director Ghobadi was born in 1968 in Iranian Kurdistan in the city of Baneh, where his first feature film "Time of the Drunken Horses" is set. In 1993 he moved to Tehran to study filmmaking. Bahman Ghobadi lives in exile.


"Aşk, Mark ve Ölüm – Love, D-Mark and Death” (2022) 

by Cem Kaya   

Length: 95 minutes

with German subtitles

Cem Kaya, who was born in Schweinfurt, has been exploring Turkish pop culture for years. His documentary celebrates the music of the so-called Turkish ‘guest workers’ and their descendants from the 1960s to the present. Mind you, these people did not bring this sound with them - it was produced here in Germany. Between assembly line jobs and racism, homesickness and family reunification, a music scene emerged that only existed in this form in Germany. That is what this unique film is about.


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