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Naïssam Jalal Quartet


Location:Rosenhof Osnabrück


Naïssam Jalal Quartet © Jérôme Prébois

Healing Rituals - Naïssam Jalal Quartet


Silence, trance and beauty. When Naïssam Jalal picks up the flute, time and space seem to dissolve. The idea for her latest project, 'Healing Rituals', came from her own experiences. When she was in hospital for several weeks, a musician friend of hers visited her and played in her room. She wants to pass on this beneficial and strengthening experience in her latest project. At the same time she is always looking for new musical encounters. Born and raised in a Paris suburb, Naïssam received a classical musical education. She discovered jazz, explored improvised music and, at the age of 19, travelled to her parents' home country in search of her cultural roots, where she studied the Ney in Damascus. She likes hip hop, funk, Egyptian vocal music and Mali Blues. In 2009 Naïssam recorded her first record, a duo album, and in 2011 she formed her group “Rhythms of Resistance”. In 2016 she was one of the great discoveries at the Festival Jazz D'Or Strasbourg-Berlin, and the award of the Victoire du Jazz was the invitation ticket to the prestigious German music festival Jazzahead! She is bringing three musicians with her to the Morgenland Festival who have Armenian, French and Brazilian roots.


Naïssam Jalal – Flute, Vocals, Ney & Composition
Clément Petit – Cello
Joachim Florent – Double bass
Zaza Desiderio – Drums

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