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Romengo & Mónika Lakatos





Mónika Lakatos - Vocals
Mihály Mazsi Rostás - Vocals, guitar
János Guszti Lakatos - Mouth bass, can & dance
Tibor Balogh - Tub, vocals & dance
Mihály Rosonczy-Kovács - Violin, spoons

The Ensemble Romengo from Budapest presents Hungarian Roma music at its finest. The group, with its charismatic singer, Mónika Lakatos, follows the Oláh tradition, in which household articles, such as water jugs and wooden spoons, are used as music instruments – a reference to their nomadic heritage. The musicians, who have a taste for experimentation, also integrate elements of jazz and flamenco, creating their own original compositions and innovative interpretations of songs which have been handed down from one generation of the family to the next. With this explosive mixture of styles they have conquered a global audience, from South America to India and South Korea, and from world music festivals to the Berlin Philharmonic.

There will be a concert of the Ivo Papasov Wedding Band at the same day at 8.30 pm.

Visit the Morgenland Festival YouTube channel.

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