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Wu Wei & Neue Hofkapelle Osnabrück


Location:Schlossinnenhof (Schloss Inner Courtyard)


Wu Wei © Liudmila Jeremies
Wu Wei © Liudmila Jeremies


Wu Wei, Sheng
Peter Bauer, Percussion
Neue Hofkapelle Osnabrück, Leader: Christian Heinecke


Wu Wei has brought the Chinese mouth-blown organ, the Sheng, to the international music world, either as a soloist with the Berlin Philharmonic, the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, the BBC Symphony Orchestra or in cooperation with the Chinese Pipa virtuoso Wu Man, or in a project with Holland Baroque. Wu Wei has significantly extended the playing techniques and expressive possibilities of the Sheng and has opened up a varied, modern repertoire for this traditional instrument. Wu Wei’s recordings have won such prestigious awards as the International Classical Music Award and the BBC Music Magazine Award. For many years now Wu Wei has focused on baroque music. In cooperation with the Neue Hofkapelle Osnabrück he has put together a programme which includes both European baroque music and Chinese traditional music. This encounter between these two musical languages promises fascinatingly sensorial and excitingly trans-cultural inspiration. The Neue Hofkapelle Osnabrück’s home in the Osnabrück Schloss. So where better to host this extraordinary encounter than in the Inner Courtyard of the Schloss itself?

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