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Zefiro Torna/ Nehedar/ Schleifer/ Sariel/ Barbas




Jurgen De Bruyn © Lieven Dirckx

Zefiro Torna - Unity in Diversity
with Maureen Nehedar, Doron Schleifer, Alon Sariel, Christos Barbas, Jurgen de Bruyn

The Belgian music ensemble Zefiro Torna brings the cultural heritage of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque to life in a unique way. It does not limit itself to a purely historical approach, but enters into a dialog with other musical genres, as well as with literature, science, theater and dance.

As part of the 'Unity in Diversity' project, the ensemble has invited singers and lutenists from different cultural and musical backgrounds to find a common musical language through dialog and experimentation. Monodic and polyphonic singing and instrumental music are the starting point for this dialog. During a one-week residency, Zefiro Torna will meet Maureen Nehedar, a specialist in the Judaeo-Persian tradition, and Doron Schleifer, one of the outstanding countertenors of his generation.

Line Up:
Maureen Nehedar - voice, setar
Doron Schleifer - countertenor
Christos Barbas - ney, lavta, voice
Alon Sariel - mandolin, archlute, oud
Jurgen De Bruyn - archlute, colascione, voice

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